Software programs became an indispensable part of our life. However, as more and more these software play a bigger role in our works or products, the bigger is the chance that something can go wrong, and for companies an eventual incident can lead to important damages. That’s why professional software maintenance and quality assurance is indispensable. MERKIT offers software quality management services for clients who aspire to deliver a professionally tested, secure, customer-friendly and smoothly functioning product.


The name of our company is a greek origin word meraki (meˈɾaci). It means to do something with real passion, devotion and with complete attention. And that is exactly the kind of mindset our company is loyal for.

All-inclusive Quality Assurance Service

All-inclusive service with one dedicated test manager and software tester(s) and/or test automation engineers. The size of the team depends on the complexity of the project and the expected delivery date. The services provided by MERKIT include everything from planning the testing methodology, writing test scripts to performing the actual testing.

Test Automation – Onsite or Remote

Depending on the actual project and the customer’s requirements, MERKIT can provide all-inclusive service or human resource only. The experienced test automation engineers in our team always look for the latest trends and tools to be able to deliver easy-to-use test automation solutions to our customers.

Manual Testing – Onsite or Remote

If the customer has its own team to perform test management and the testing itself, but on a project-basis external experts are needed, MERKIT can offer testers with T&M contracts even for a week or a year as per the customer’s requirements. Depending on the specific project, we can offer experts at any experience level from junior testers to senior test managers.

Core Services:

  • quality assurance
  • on-site functional testing
  • remote functional testing
  • test automation
  • mobile application testing
  • UX testing
  • security testing