Professional Software Testing and Quality Assurance Services

About us

The name, MerkIT comes from the greek meraki (meˈɾaci) word. It means ``to do something with real passion, full devotion and undivided attention``.

We provide software quality assurance services to companies that aim to create outstanding products.

Thanks to our expanding domestic and international client base, our three-year-old company, launched in 2015, can serve with a professional team of 20 people for the diverse professional needs of our partners.


Manual Testing

The customer provides a guideline and the software specification, after which a test plan is made based on these documents. Based on our plans, our colleagues write test cases and execute them, searching for software/ application errors. At the end of the test, a test report is prepared about detected errors, which allows developers to start fixing bugs.

Test Automation

Test automation allows for regular, automated re-checking of key functions. With the help of automation, tests can be repeated at any time without any further help. Re-programming is only required after a comprehensive update of the page or application.

QA Audit

We review QA processes used by the customer to make suggestions for improving methodology and to design a quality assurance system tailored to the client’s needs. The new, improved methodology is then examined in practice within the realm of a pilot project.




Software programs became an indispensable part of our life. However, as more and more these software play a bigger role in our works or products,...

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Zsombor SzendreyCEO

Responsible for strategic planning and business development with 7 years of experience in quality assurance and software development.

Balázs KissSales Manager

Responsible for account management and business development with 10 years of experience in account management and sales.

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